Poverty, parenting and social exclusion: e-learning course

Published: 2008 | Free to use | Learning Management System compatible

Screenshot of module Poverty is one of the most common features of families whose children come to the attention of social workers, yet many of the issues associated with poverty may fail to be properly recognised by professionals dealing with these families.

Poverty can make peoples' lives much harder and excludes some people from life chances that others take for granted. Poverty makes parenting a greater challenge and can impair the health and development of children. It is accepted that families living in poverty are over represented as users of some children’s and families’ services, including those of an involuntary rather than voluntary nature.

It is therefore essential for all child welfare workers to have an understanding of the nature and impact that poverty and social exclusion have on parenting, in order to facilitate access to the 'right services at the right time'.

This e-learning course has not been updated since October 2008. It may not reflect current policy but still provides valuable practice guidance.

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