Webinars on integration

Hosted by SCIE for NHS England and NHS Improvement

Harnessing health and housing support to improve population health

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This webinar discusses the impact of housing and health related issues and how partnership working between health, local government, housing and other agencies can support improved care and health outcomes.

The future of place-based – planning recovery in partnership

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This webinar will look at the future of place and how to galvanise place-based partnerships that support Integrated Care System (ICS) to develop and help plan towards recovery from COVID-19.

Involving citizens in the next phase of the pandemic response

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The webinar looks at why citizen engagement is crucial to COVID-19 recovery and how Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) could benefit from adopting the same approach..

Building back from COVID-19: tackling health inequality in partnership

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This webinar supports Integrated Care System (ICS) development, and explores how systems can work in partnership at this crucial time.

Building trusted relationships in integrated care systems

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SCIE hosted this webinar for NHS England and NHS Improvement to hear about experiences of senior system leaders.